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 * las advertencias Miranda *
Miranda Warnings; when do the cops have to read them?

Las Advertencias Miranda

La verdad es que la policía no tiene que dar advertencias Miranda a menos que estés bajo custodia y usted está siendo interrogado. ¿Está usted en custodia cuando la policía te detenga para una parada de tráfico? Generalmente, las paradas de tráfico no se consideran "custodia", pero una parada de tráfico de rutina pueden convertirse en una situación en la que usted está en custodia.

The truth is, the police don't have to give Miranda Warnings unless you are in custody AND you are being interrogated.  Are you in custody when the police stop you for a traffic stop?  Generally, traffic stops are not considered "custody for the sake of Miranda, but a routine traffic stop can evolve into a situation where you are in custody.  

Traffic stop; do you have the right to attorney ?

No. Plain and simple.  But it helps to think like you do have a right to an attorney.  If your attorney were present would he/she want you talking to the police? No. Would your attorney want you to give permission to search your car? No. Would your attorney want you to give permission to search your purse? No.  

When dealing with police, put yourself in the right frame of mind.  It's one thing if an officer approaches you and asks "Is there anyone in that burning building?"  By all means speak up!  It's another thing when a cop is accusing you of something.  There is really nothing you can say that will help your situation.  Focus, and if asked any questions keep saying "I want my lawyer. I want my lawyer. I want my lawyer."  You don't have a right to a lawyer yet, but this sends a clear message to the cops, "leave me alone!"  

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